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Next Steps

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

So now that I am approved to serve, what am I do now till I leave in June? Well I have a growing list of tasks to do on my application dashboard, so there still is a lot to do. I certainly will not be bored waiting for my time to serve.

First on the list is paperwork...boring, but necessary. I have several documents to read and sign like code of conduct and Mercy Ship ethics. Honestly, it's just one of those things that you just have to get it over and done with. Just got to rip the band aid off so-to-speak. I'm sure there will be more paperwork coming my way but its best to not put it off.

Once the paperwork is out of the way I move onto the exciting things like booking flights, getting my immunizations, fundraising, and getting sponsors. You know, the fun stuff! Sounds tedious and like a lot of work but I am so excited to do it. The tedium is just a reminder that I am going to Dakar, Senegal to serve on the Africa Mercy Ship.

It's real!

It's happening!

It isn't just a dream.

The task-list on the Mercy Ships dashboard isn't the only one either. I have my own of things that I need to do before I leave. Most important on that list is weight loss and management. As you may know from previous posts I have to lose weight in order to go on the ship. The last 5 days have been great on the fitness front but those dang sweets are so tempting! I haven't gorged myself and totally lost it but it seems to be a daily tempter! How do I tame this sweetness-craving beast?! Please! If you have tips, please let me know!

Once I'm on the ship the nutrition side of things will be easier since I have no control over what I eat. Did you know the ships cooks prepare around 600 portions per meal? No wonder they don't cater to specific diets....nor do they care what your cravings are. Their only care is making sure everyone is fed. That being said, I kind of have to deal with it while I am waiting. I still have just over two months till this actually applies to my life. Till then I have to figure it out. It is a good thing I have my Mom! She is helping me stay on track and is sort of like my diet coach. She reminds me why this is so important when I need it. Not in those words but she definitely helps me.

For the fitness side Jordon, from the local YMCA, is helping kick my butt into shape. Boy, is he good at his job. We've only had two sessions together so far and I am so sore afterwards! I know that in a couple weeks I will see the benefits to all this soreness I feel now. He is just doing his job but I really appreciate the way that he is helping me. Like I've said before, I don't feel comfortable in gym environments but he is helping with that already. I feel like I have to understand things before I actually am comfortable with them. If I don't understand every aspect of something then I get super anxious about it. I swear my contacts for Mercy Ships get annoyed with how many questions I throw at them! I know how to do the research but there are just some things that are hard to understand from generalized texts like website FAQ's.

Hopefully I start to feel at home in the gym soon. That is one major barrier that I have to pass before I can really feel the progress. That, and taming this dang sweet tooth! I'll be back with more updates next week! Consider subscribing to stay up to date on all my posts and fundraising events!

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