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Change is Upon Me

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This week was a bit of a rollercoaster but it ended up very interesting to say the least. Ever since I got here I have wanted to switch departments because reception is not where my heart is.

I reached out to the communications director first and got my hopes up but after two attempts over the first few months, it started to sink in that they weren't going to let me transfer into that department. I just didn't have the experience they wanted so they were going to keep looking for a better fit.

After that I asked HR here on the AFM for another position on this ship. They suggested Hospital Executive Assistant so I sent in my application. Keren, the hospital director, asked me to meet with her but it wasn't what you think. It wasn't an interview but a rejection. She said that I didn't have the qualifications for it and that I wouldn't be a good fit for such a high pressure role. It was hard to hear but I certainly am thankful that she sat down and spoke with me about it. She took the time out of her very busy schedule to talk with me about how to focus in on what I want my career to be and to use my Mercy Ship experience to benefit both sides. She encouraged me to do something that will both help and serve the people of Africa but will also help me when I go back home.

I didn't want this to affect me too greatly but it did. I felt slightly useless and like Mercy Ships didn't value me in any other role even though I'm not happy in reception. But like all things, this too shall pass.

This week I figured that I would make a last ditch effort to see if there was anything on the GLM for me. So I drafted an email this past week and what do you know! There is a brand new position that they are creating and they chose me to fill it. On 8 December the Assistant Director on the AFM scheduled a meeting with me and said the GLM HR Director wanted to meet with me the following morning. The only stipulation was that I meet with the Crew Physician to check in with my mental health.

The following morning I met with the HR director via Teams and she said there was a position that she thought I would do well in. Shortly after the meeting began my future manager joined the call asking me what I would bring to the team. I obviously sold myself well because he simply said at the end that he thought I'd be a great addition to the team and he wanted me there by Monday!

Needless to say, it's been a whirl wind since that meeting. I have had several follow up meetings and have sent about a thousand emails but it's official! I am heading to the GLM on Thursday 16 December 2021! Thursday morning I'll be catching a direct flight to Brussels where a company car will pick me up from the airport and take me to the ship!

I'm not going to say too much more because I still have so much to do to get ready but stay tuned to hear about the rest of the journey next week! I will do my best to post this time next week but there are no guarantees since I will be very busy getting settled in and learning my new role!

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