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  • Jordan Avery

Last Week of Rotterdam and a Week on the Ocean

My time in Rotterdam has come to an end which means there are no more people walking through my home! I say that with both humor and seriousness because it was both an amazing event but also an exhausting one. It was so exciting to share this amazing vessel with people from around the world, but I felt like a caged animal at a zoo. I had several tour groups look at me like I was an animal in a zoo and some who even said, and I quote, "Look! It's a wild crew member!" So, yes. I was ready for that to be done. Over the course of the two week event there were just over 16 000 visitors that toured the ship. The tours started at 09:00 and went every 6 minutes until 22:00. On top of it all there were also the national office events and VIP visits/events that toured the ship entirely and not just the hospital. Everywhere I went I found that I wasn't too far from a visitor.

Now the events weren't all doom and gloom! I also had the pleasure of meeting Her Royal Highness Princess Anne and hear the amazing Andrea Bocelli sing in the International Lounge. There were some perks for sure! It also was a beautiful city to view. I couldn't go ashore but the skyline and the architecture is like nothing I've seen before. It was almost like new buildings trying to mimic old ones all mixed together with very modern pieces. I definitely want to come back to explore.

But alas and a lack, we've moved on. On 16 March we sailed away from Rotterdam and began our journey down to the Canary Islands. The first day was smooth sailing but there was very little work being done throughout the ship. It's typical for Mercy Shippers on sail day to be distracted by watching the waters go by. This time we, the crew, got the chance to show our joy by singing and dancing on the helicopter winching pad on deck 12!

We sang and danced a wonderful song called Jabulani Africa. "Sing for joy! Oh Africa." It was an amazing time and full of joy and fellowship. This song was introduced to me at the beginning of my time serving on the ships and I fell in love with the song immediately. The vibe of the whole community changes when the song comes on. Smiles light the faces of adults and children alike. It's just an amazing experience.

The following days got a bit rockier and I can safely say that I am glad I don't get motion sickness! Over the next two days, 17 and 18 March, the ship ranged from 6 to 15 degrees of a tilt! During the day everyone walked around zig zagging from one side of the hall to the other. Honestly, it just looked like everyone was drunk! Obviously no one was but it's certainly what it looked like.

This is when people started realizing that "securing for sail" is a real thing. Offices and cabins were being cleaned up after things had fallen off counters and desks. I'm glad that I'm working with lots of people that have sailed plenty of times before and know what they are doing. Thankfully I haven't suffered any casualties!

Oh! And I forgot to mention that we started a game on the ship called Assassins. At the beginning, on 18 March, there were about 90 assassins. The game works like this:

  • Everyone will get a target. They must stab their target with a mask fastener (the thing that takes pressure off your ears).

  • No one except the assassin and the target can see the murder take place.

  • Once the target is assassinated then our new target is our victims target. We basically just take over their target.

  • Last one alive wins!

And boy am I competitive! I've made 3 successful kills and now I am waiting for the chance to pounce on my next prey! The game will go until one person stands and I'm determined for that to be me!

That pretty much sums up the last two weeks! We arrive at the port tomorrow evening (my time) and it'll be good to be back on Tenerife! I'm looking forward to the warm weather and all day sunshine once again.

Once again, thank you all for your support! It means the world to me!

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