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Lets Get Acquainted.

For years I have essentially been a professional student. Completing a bachelor's degree has been my career, but everything is about to change. With this educational era coming to a close I am venturing out to figure out what my true calling is. The pieces are falling together but I still cannot see the whole picture.

To broaden my horizon I am setting out on a personal journey of adventure and exploration. I will be serving on the Mercy Ships this September for a minimum of 6 months so I'll get lots of exploring in when I immerse myself in west African culture. Though nature is the easiest to explore, value can also be found in the people. Sharing my adventure, while spreading joy and care, will kick start my career. 

I am very passionate about the environment and human impacts on the biosphere. In my personal life I focus on reducing the amount of waste I produce, recycling much of the waste I do produce, and investing in reusable products. I am a firm believer in the environmentalism movement and using science to back claims such as global warming and habitat loss. I also am a firm believer in raising up the less fortunate so that if/when the world hits a catastrophic tipping point they will be cared for just as much as the first-world nations.

As a result of my environmental passions I'm very outspoken about the issues the world may face. Therefore, a goal I have for this blog is to, not only explore the world, but also act as an activist for the planet itself. I strive to promote conservation of earth's biotic life to ensure the survival of all that is important.

I hope you will follow me in this journey of exploration.

Jordan Avery

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